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CONEXPO-CON/AGG VIP SHOW GUIDE contains Floor Plans and a complete listing of companies exhibiting at the ConExpo-Con/Agg 2014 trade show in Las Vegas March 3-7, 2014. It also contains 2014 forecasts for the Aggregate, Concrete and Cement industries

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MINING & TECHNOLOGY AUSTRALIA 2014 | ISSUE 8 13 Based on community engagement and local government feedback, Port Lincoln is supportive of Port Spencer's development as an alternative to transporting ore through the town, which is renowned for its tuna industry. In addition, Port Lincoln cannot currently receive the large vessels required for increasing exports, such as Cape class vessels, at its jety. Port Thevenard also has limitations due to shallow water which does not accommodate direct loading onto Cape class vessels, and its distance, more than 300km, from lower and mid-Eyre Peninsula deposits which would increase transportation costs. Current shipping movements through Port Thevenard, approximately 130 per year, also pose challenges to the port's capacity to manage increased demand. In early 2012, IronClad obtained Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure approval to develop a transhipment foating harbour operation at Lucky Bay, 11km north-east of Cowell on the upper Eyre Peninsula. Lucky Bay would facilitate the shipping of magnetite ore from its Wilcherry Hill mining project and future Hercules mining project, via transport of containerised iron ore by low draught barges from the shore to Panamax size (70,000 tonne capacity) vessels. Based on the needs of the Wilcherry Hill project, a single barge would take approximately 14.5 days to load each Panamax vessel with a 12 day gap on average between vessels (STC, 2011). Additional barges would be required to increase loading speed. This ship loading capacity would not meet Centrex's needs and does not provide the fexibility ofered by Port Spencer. Port Spencer accommodates a loading capacity of 5,000 t/h for iron ore and 1,400 t/h for grain, which is greater than the other port options. This will facilitate increased export volumes in shorter periods of time. Conclusion THROUGH THE DEVELOPMENT OF PORT Spencer, the Eyre Peninsula and South Australia have a signifcant opportunity to gain from a major new transport infrastructure development benefting the future of the region. The facility will be funded entirely by private enterprise and has the foresight to be available to multiple users. The Eyre Peninsula has long been recognised by government and industry as an area for potential mineral industry growth and forms a key aspect of state and regional strategic government planning and objectives. Port Spencer provides an opportunity for signifcant benefts including: • Signifcant private investment of more than $AUD250 million capital costs. • Approximately 200 construction jobs and approxi- mately 70 operational jobs at Port Spencer, and wider employment through support of other mineral project developments. • State revenue from taxes and royalties. • Flow-on economic benefts including: • Additional exports in excess of $AUD357 million per year (Stage 1 estimate only) • Increase in South Australia's gross state product • Accelerated development of iron ore projects in proximity to Port Spencer • Increased demand for goods and services, stimulating business development and employment in the local government area and Eyre Peninsula region, and • Diversifed regional economic base and improved economic outlook. Ultimately, Port Spencer will provide a socially and environmentally acceptable, and commercially viable shipping solution as the export gateway from the Eyre Peninsula to the rest of the world. For more information, contact Alex Blood, Project Director on (08) 8213 2100 or via email at ablood@ Golder Associates have, and continue to provide Port Spencer state and federal assess- ments and approval direction as well as technical marine and environmental assessment services. Article References: BREE, 2013. Resources and Energy Quarterly, June 2013, Australian Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics, Canberra, Commonwealth of Australia Centrex Metals Ltd, 2012. Port Spencer Stage 1 Public Environmental Report, prepared by Golder Associates Pty Ltd, document reference 107661001-100-R-Rev0 Government of SA, 2012. News Release: Hon Tom Koutsantonis; Mineral exploration hits post GFC-high, 3 September 2012, STC, 2011. Lucky Bay Harbour, Proposed Harbour Development, Common User Export Facility Summary Document, Sea Transport Corporation (STC), www.

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