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CONEXPO-CON/AGG VIP SHOW GUIDE contains Floor Plans and a complete listing of companies exhibiting at the ConExpo-Con/Agg 2014 trade show in Las Vegas March 3-7, 2014. It also contains 2014 forecasts for the Aggregate, Concrete and Cement industries

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MINING & TECHNOLOGY AUSTRALIA 2014 | ISSUE 8 25 Site specifc IT'S A TREND THAT'S accelerated since 2010 when torrential rain and devastating foods across Queensland hit most of the state's mines, costing nearly $6 billion in lost production, revenue, taxes and remediation. The fact that many sites were unprepared for the extreme weather or whose existing systems were not robust enough to cope has only given water management a more urgent fnancial urgency. "The drive of water management is to lessen any adverse impact or risk particularly from acid drainage or water salinity and so we're seeing a lot of innovation to achieve that," Davis from EarthSystems said. Smarter processing or cleaner discharge is one of the most active. While coagulation/ clarifcation, chemical treatments, UV, or membrane fltration and Reverse Osmosis (RO) technologies are fairly wide spread across the resources sector-and continuing to evolve- others like Ion exchange, paste technology, evaporators, dry or near-dry processing, and active or passive biological treatment are still emerging. Some companies however, are standing out for their performance or technological innovation. Glencore recently picked up the PACE Awards for Water-Waste Management and Project of the Year for a $3.3 million, 1 megalitre per day capacity Recycled Water Treatment Plant at its Tahmoor Underground Coal Mine in NSW that now supplies nearly all below ground work and has signifcantly cut the company's previous costs to buy in water. Consulting company GHD has also been active at introducing new techniques. It's developed a patented, multi-barrier storm water treatment system called "StormDMT" that's efective for a broad range of contaminants and has now installed for major mining company at the Port of Townsville in Queensland. The company has also patented the Phoenix Water Technology system designed to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge treatment of saline wastewater using low temperature thermal distillation. Clean TeQ is another company whose proprietary Carlson Mining Software ...The Mining Software Solution ® Scan the QR code to download the Carlson Mining Brochure © Copyright 2014 Carlson Software, Inc. Carlson Software is a registered trademark of Carlson Software, Inc. All other trademarks belong to their respective holders. Maximize your mine's efficiency and production before you dig or drill, by designing all aspects of your operation with Carlson Mining software. Get the power to draft your mine and draw it automatically. Complete most applications in minutes vs. hours. Find your most efficient mine design by testing layouts in plan, section, and 3D view. Driven by mining companies' needs, Carlson Mining software is easy-to-learn, affordable, and features fast-paced technological development. Whether for permitting, geologic mapping, underground mining, surface mining, reserves studies, reclamation or machine control, Carlson Mining software provides powerful automation combined with remarkable ease-of-use. Carlson Software knows mining – it is the largest supplier of software to the U.S. mining industry and is rapidly expanding around the world. Learn more about the entire Carlson Mining software line at Mining is HARD... Using your software shouldn't be • +61488975088 • +1 606 564 5028

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