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CONEXPO-CON/AGG VIP SHOW GUIDE contains Floor Plans and a complete listing of companies exhibiting at the ConExpo-Con/Agg 2014 trade show in Las Vegas March 3-7, 2014. It also contains 2014 forecasts for the Aggregate, Concrete and Cement industries

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MINING & TECHNOLOGY AUSTRALIA 2014 | ISSUE 8 29 Combined with the Northern Rail Line development, it provides a defnitive path to export markets globally. The extra capacity on the Trans-Mongolian Railway will drive down the cost of freight, which is quite high (a relatively small volume is transported on the railway at the moment considering Mongolia's vastness as a country). "Current capacity is only about 20 million tonnes per annum. The focus is to initially upgrade capacity to 34mtpa and then get a full dual-track structure moving up to 100 million tonnes per annum between Ulan-Ude in Russia, through to Jining in China. The second phase will take a few years, but it will give Mongolian industry a fantastic permanent advantage," David says. That advantage relates to the industry being close to China and even closer to Russia – two major markets between which Mongolia is conveniently wedged. These infrastructure developments will help Aspire Mining's cause to have rail access to deliver its product, as well as eventually connect the Ovoot operation to Russia and China. Paull notes that the rail itself will be "Russian gauge of 1,520 millimetres. We have designed it with bypass loops to accommodate up to 22 mtpa based on our speeds and current trafc fow design. "However, that design was really completed on the basis of Ovoot and other Mongolian users, not taking into account being a part of an international network and potential tonnes from Russia. One of the things we'll revisit once we get some clarity on future Mongolian rail policy is the cost to take it to a grade-one railway and deliver at least 30 mtpa in the medium term." Trans-Mongolian railway line: Coal from Baganuur coal mine

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