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CONEXPO-CON/AGG VIP SHOW GUIDE contains Floor Plans and a complete listing of companies exhibiting at the ConExpo-Con/Agg 2014 trade show in Las Vegas March 3-7, 2014. It also contains 2014 forecasts for the Aggregate, Concrete and Cement industries

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54 VDMA | 2014 VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT VDMA Surface Mining: Increasing Productivity and Reliability Liebherr's Mining Division supplies some of the largest machines for the sur- face mining sector. The company's line of loading equipment consists of eight large hydraulic excavators with service weights from 100 to 800 metric tons (mt), rated power outputs up to 3,000 kW and loading capacities of up to 47.5 m 3 . Liebherr also builds some of the best trucks in the mining business. Pow- ered by a diesel-electric drive-line, payloads range from 220 mt to 360 mt. "Our high-performance machines for open-cast mining must have round- the-clock availability," said Dr. Jörg Lukowski, executive vice president, Liebherr- Mining Equipment Colmar SAS. "For this reason, after-sales service has an absolutely crucial role to play. We invest regularly in exte nsions to our service net- work in the form of company-owned subsidiaries, in spare parts supply, component remanufacturing, and the qualifications and training of our service staff. Our aim in all cases is to be a trustworthy partner for our clients directly on-site." In the past five years, Liebherr's Mining Division has introduced more than one new development to the market every year. Last year at bauma 2013, the new Liebherr R 9400 hydraulic excavator with a 22- m 3 bottom-dump bucket matched with a 220-mt truck was the central focus of the outdoor exhibit. The company's new bucket tooth system for the R 9100 to R 9400 was also on display. To synergize with its line of hydraulic mining excavators, Lukowski ex- plained that Liebherr has returned to the 220-mt (240-ton) class with the T 264 haul tr uck. "This fuel-efficient truck is built for safety and reliability, and is sized to match the Liebherr R 996 B and R 9800 hydraulic excavators," Lukowski said. The T 264 combines Liebherr's Litronic Plus AC drive system and a 2,000- kW (2,700-hp) engine to yield higher speeds on grade. The T 264's hydraulic system offers efficient dump hoist performance that promotes fast cycle times. The T 264's AC drive system delivers up to 3,300 kW (4,425 hp) of electric dynamic braking, reducing engine loading and fuel consumption. The T 264 is designed to operate for approximately 24 hours without refueling, depending on the application. An integrated electronic system monitors, records, and outputs vital truck health and performance data. Data is stored and available for download to perform detailed analysi s. This system supports predictive maintenance strate- gies to minimize unscheduled downtime. The 350-mt R 9400 mining excavator can be used to load a fleet of mining trucks in the 130- to 150-mt category. This excavator is equipped in standard configuration with a backhoe or face shovel bucket of 22 m 3 . With either electric- or diesel-powered drive systems, this machine is a versatile option for a ver y wide range of mining applications. With more than 40 of these machines already operating in four coun- tries, Liebherr believes these mining excavators achieve new peak values in terms of tons per hour in this service weight category. More recently, Liebherr's Components Division explained how it con- tinues to advance technology. "For years, we have been carrying out re- search and development proj ects in the areas of energy efficiency and hybridizing machines," said Gebhard Schwarz, managing director, Lieb- herr-Component Technologies. The group developed a drive system for a hybrid excavator concept, which was presented at bauma 2013. The concept makes it possible to unite the advances of electric and hydraulic systems, Schwarz explained. "In addition to hydraulic pressure accumulators, storag e systems that have been developed in-house with supercaps are used for the storage of electric energy," Schwarz said. "Our focus is increasingly being placed on the design of complete machine systems and the optimization of the corresponding compo- nents," Schwarz said. "As a result, we have developed the complete drive system for Liebherr's mining trucks over the past few years— from current generator s, electric motors and wheel drives to complete control technology with power stacks (frequency converters) and dri- vetrain regulation. Additional diesel-electric systems are being pre- pared for various machines. "We are also working with new drive systems, which combine the ad- vantages of a hydrostatic drive with mechanical drives, the so-called power split gearboxes (CVT gearboxes)," Schwarz said. "We see great op- portunities for these drives in all applications where load collectives re- quire the advantages of both systems, for example with wheel loaders." Liebherr also supplies tailor-made tools for the maintenance of mining excavators, replacing hydraulic pumps and cylinders, travel drives or track pads. The unit assures optimal working conditions de- spite the size of these components. Th e service tools include a pin puller, a hydraulic pump lifting tool, a monitoring system for crawler tracks and their components, and a jacking system. The new jacking system developed by Liebherr is a straightforward, cost- efficient method of raising the mining excavator's superstructure for necessary maintenance or replacement of the slewing ring. This jacking-up principle is a safe, efficient alter native to complex lifting work with a crane. The system has four synchronized hydraulic supports with an integral power stage and mechanical locking, the lifting frame, and a roller unit on which the working equipment is supported. These elements work smoothly to- gether and lift the load safely with optimal weight distribution. As soon as the cylinder pins have been removed, the lifting frame has bee n installed and the bolts securing the slewing ring have been unscrewed, jacking up can be carried out by one person. In only 15 minutes, the super- structure reaches the maximum height needed to run the undercarriage out from beneath it. An ergonomically designed wireless remote control permits unrestricted movement, and an integral LCD display enables the user to mon- itor the system while the supers tructure is being lifted. During October, Liebherr showcased its remanufacturing compe- tence center in Ettlingen. While the company has always taken great pride in its high-quality manufacturing standards, it also understands the economical importance of remanufacturing, explained Kurt Schoel- lenberger, managing director, Liebherr-Ettlingen GmbH. Liebherr's 220-mt T 264 haul truck combines a Litronic Plus AC drive system with a 2,000-kW engine for higher speeds on grade.

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