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CONEXPO-CON/AGG VIP SHOW GUIDE contains Floor Plans and a complete listing of companies exhibiting at the ConExpo-Con/Agg 2014 trade show in Las Vegas March 3-7, 2014. It also contains 2014 forecasts for the Aggregate, Concrete and Cement industries

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56 VDMA | 2014 VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT VDMA "The aim of remanufacturing is to create the quality of a new product from material that has already been used, according to industrial stan- dards," Schoellenberger said. "Ideally, this means that as much as pos- sible of a complete drive component, such as a diesel engine, is reassembled from previously used and reconditioned parts. A requirement for this is the suitability of the individual parts, which are subjected to stringent checks without exception. Wear parts, such as sealing materials and bearings, are not considered for reuse for quality reasons." After a component is delivered to the Ettlingen facility, it passes through a high-pressure pre-cleaning process to remove the coarsest dirt. It is then completely disassembled and any wear parts that can obviously no longer be used are sorted and disposed of. The remaining material is then cleaned thoroughly, any paint is removed and detailed diagnostics are run. At this stage, each individual part is examined under the most stringent tolerance criteria and finally a decision is made on whether it is suitable for reuse. In the processes that follow, different mechanical processing methods are used to restore the as-new condition of the com ponent. After undergoing repeated quality checks, the individual parts can then be stored for later use or immediately used in the refitting of a "reman component." Before it reaches a mine site, each component is tested at state-of-the-art test benches, which are identical to those used by the series manufacturer. "To guarantee the quality, the com- ponents are also then subjected to the new-component test protocol," Schoellenberger said. "We therefore provide the same guarantee for all reman components as for new components." Remanufacturing is beneficial both economically and environmentally: In comparison with the production of a new component, reconditioned com- ponents require up to 75% less energy and raw materials by the time they are delivered, Schoellenberger explained. "As an original man ufacturer, we also have the ability to access all the required parts quickly or to produce them according to demand without great expense," Schoellenberger said. "The latter applies particularly to older models, which are no longer series produced, so that our series production operations can outsource this work to us if needed. This production method has clear time and cost benefits for the customer. H aving the option of various processing steps enables the customer to find the perfect solution for machines of any age, according to their requirements." With diesel and gas engines; hydraulic pumps, engines and cylinders; travel, slewing and swivelling drives; splitter boxes and rope winches, the majority of Liebherr on-site production is already contained in the reman program today. Reacting to custo mer preferences, Liebherr now offers three different processing levels for its reman program: Exchange components, general overhaul and also classic repairs. As-new reman exchange components are ideally ordered preventively. The used component is only disassembled as soon as the exchange unit is delivered. The replacement is carried out within 24 hours, to ensure minimal downtime. The second option in volves a general overhaul of the customer's component. The component is extracted, sent to Ettlingen and then processed according to the same quality criteria. The price of a general overhaul is ap- proximately 50% of a new component. However, the customer must accept a downtime of between three and 10 days, depending on the complexity of the unit and the mine's location. For older machines that are o nly used for a few operating hours each year, purchasing an exchange component or carrying out a general overhaul is not always profitable. Whereas replacement parts and general overhauls have fixed prices, for classic repairs the extent of the damage is assessed first and then a price is quoted accordingly. The similarity to remanufacturing comes from the fact that reconditioned individual parts are a lso used where possible for repairs. "The guarantee is another feature," Schoellenberger said. "It amounts to 50% of the guarantee for new components—not only for the replaced parts but also for the entire component, which distinguishes us from the common market practice." Since 2006, Liebherr-Ettlingen GmbH has been able to quadruple its total turnover. Currently, hydraulic components contribute arou nd 25% of component sales. Travel and swivelling drives have been the second largest product group processed. Diesel engines are currently their best-selling prod- uct, making up 65% of all components sold. Seeing large future growth potential, Liebherr has invested approximately €500,000 (US$679,000) per year in production resources and it is currently in the process of further expanding Ettlingen's c apacity. Due to lengthy trans- port times and customs and export barriers, it has become necessary to es- tablish other continental reman operations based on the Ettlingen model. Sites currently under development include Burlington, Canada, and Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. These will be able to take on production within the existing manufacturing companies as departments of Liebherr-Ettlingen GmbH by mid-20 14 at the latest. To do this, they are orienting themselves closely with the processes in Ettlingen, which is being supported through employee ex- changes and the appropriate training courses. Exporting Surface Mining Experience With a foundation built on 60 years of in-house experience in continuous mining, RWE Power International (RE GmbH) provides expertise in the design and operation of large-scale open-cast and open-pit materials handling systems. "We feel that there is a movement toward continuous operations within the mining industry," said Dr. Martin Schmid, head of business development for RE GmbH. "However, for continuous mining to be successful, it needs careful planning and operational experience, which is what RE can provide." According to his colleague, RE's head of mining, geology an d hydroge- ology, Stefan Blunck, providing experience-based operational assistance is an area that the company is now focusing on specifically. "RE is a planning partner for surface mining," he said, "and we can bring expertise in areas such as maintenance as well as operations to companies that are evaluating new continuous mining projects around the world." RE is now looking to transfer in-pit crushi ng and conveying solutions (IPCC) from its traditional soft-rock homeland further into hard-rock territory, with primary crushing with mobile or semi-mobile crushers being used only to size run-of-mine rock for conveyor transport. The company also sees great potential in countries such as Australia and Chile, where mines are being expanded and existing long-distance conveyors will need duplicating as t he tonnages being handled increase. One area in RE's portfolio that is experiencing increasing demand is in the training of technicians and engineers. During tailor-made training sessions in RWE's German operations, they acquire the local know-how in conveying technology, for example. The aim is not only to ensure reliable and highly available operation of existing plant and equipment at home, the parti cipants also learn to evaluate key param- eters such as product quality and configuration, so that they can opti- A new jacking system developed by Liebherr raises the excavator's super-struc- ture for maintenance.

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