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CONEXPO-CON/AGG VIP SHOW GUIDE contains Floor Plans and a complete listing of companies exhibiting at the ConExpo-Con/Agg 2014 trade show in Las Vegas March 3-7, 2014. It also contains 2014 forecasts for the Aggregate, Concrete and Cement industries

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58 VDMA | 2014 VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT VDMA As a system provider of mechanical and electrical mining appl- ications for heavy-duty hoisting systems, Siemag Tecberg is an international market leader in total integration solutions to the industry. When he thinks of the crowning achievements, Detlef Scheppe, ex- ecutive vice president-hoisting technology mining, points to engineer- ing feats such as the recent challenge of the largest integrated Koe pe hoist. This 9-megwatt hoisting system with a 50- metric-ton skip payload will be installed at Yitai Coal in China's Inner Mongolia region. It will have a 15-million-mt/y production capacity when commissioned in 2014-2015. "With this type of drive technology, the motor is integrated into the friction hoist drum assembly," Scheppe said. "The compact construc- tion provides a cost-effective solution in the product as well as hoist floor and foundation arrangements." The stator and rotor elements on the integrated hoist are accessible through special openings in the side walls, which are closed during operations. Cooling air to the motor as well as input power cable supply are routed via the ventilation hubs, which are installed on the fixed axle complete with the roller bearing assemblies. The fixed axle sup- ports symmetric foundation loads for both tower- and floor-mounted arrangements, and hence hoist deflections and associated design cri- teria are simplified in the layout. While Scheppe is quick to point out that Siemag Tecberg provides Koepe multi-rope specialized equipment unique to the challenges of deep-level mining and high-shaft compartment loads; the world's largest multi-rope Frictio n Winch rated at 185 mt has been supplied to Oyu Tolgoi in the Inner Mongolia region. Mobile Friction Winches can handle one to six ropes simultaneously to or from the Koepe hoist rope handling activity. The primary benefits of the specialized equipment enables speed of operation and time ef- ficiencies particular to minimizing shaft and hoisting downtime, while providing suitable technology to the cha llenges of the deep-level min- ing requirements and the subsequent large compartment loads gen- erated in the shaft. Considering that the mine can change multiple ropes at any given time, the economics associated with the technology provide cost-effective applications and the benefit of substitution of manual labor with tech- nology providing compliance to the Health and Safety Mining Regulations. The ability to create slack rope in the large multi-rope Koepe applica- tions where high compartment loads dictate limitations to maintenance activities, the use of the Siemag Tecberg Clamping and Lifting Device (CLD) significantly simplifies the reliance on labor intensive and higher risk rope attachment adjustments. The CLD can clamp all of the ropes of a hoisting compartment simul- taneously without a ny major work being required beforehand, and can hold the ropes in place, lift or lower them under maximum load. The total lifting distance is determined by cyclic movements of the clamping beam. "The rope system can be opened fast, simple, but mainly safe by use of the CLD," said Michael Krenzer, project manager-hoisting systems, Siemag Tecberg. "Depending on the design, the CLD can move the ropes up to 4 m per minute during the loaded stroke." CLDs supplied by Siemag Tecberg are designed until approximately 250 mt rope load using four main hydraulic cylinders with the product positioned under the main head sheave assemblies in the headgear. "After the ropes are provided by the CLD, the Friction Winch is used to spool out the ropes of the shaft," said Krenzer. "Ropes are reeled off with the Rope R eelers arranged behind the Friction Winch." Siemag Tecberg recently sold a complete rope handling system for the Impala No. 16 Shaft in South Africa. Impala purchased a Friction Winch, two CLD's, the Rope Reelers and the required steelwork. "We provided the whole sys- tem as well as the rope up support from the engineering and automation team in Germany and Siemag Tecberg South Africa," Krenzer said. " The Friction Winch can raise or lower all six ropes, for a hoisting depth close to 2,000 m, in shaft depth simultaneously in less than three hours. The tractive forces occurring can be 180-200 mt. The chassis mounted equipment due to the design provides the ability to utilize the rope han- dling application on multiple shaft footprints in and around the shafts and mine complex offering maximum utility to the asset on the mine." A Simpler, Smoother Design Increases Hy- draulic Flow for Longwall Operations In the last four years, Kamat completely redesigned all of its plunger pumps from 80 to 400 kW. The objects of the redesign was to reduce vibration and noise emission and to allow vertical and horizontal in- stallation. At the same time, the advantages of the Kamat design would be retained: ease of s ervice, wide interchangeability of spare parts, long lifetimes, superior VFD regulating range, and service only from top for a small footprint. Changing the pump head design was not an option. The gear ends were redesigned, but the wear parts of the new gearboxes are identical to those of the old design. For a mine that still runs the old pumps, the wear parts they stock will not become obsolete even if the pumps in operation are updated. As the general principles of the gearboxes have been kept, the general advantages Kamat pioneered big flow pumps and introduced VFDs for longwall pumps. Siemag Tecberg's 1- to 6-rope friction winch has a tractive force of 1,800 kN. Underground Mining: Engineering Heavy-duty Hoisting Systems

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