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CONEXPO-CON/AGG VIP SHOW GUIDE contains Floor Plans and a complete listing of companies exhibiting at the ConExpo-Con/Agg 2014 trade show in Las Vegas March 3-7, 2014. It also contains 2014 forecasts for the Aggregate, Concrete and Cement industries

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2014 VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT | VDMA 67 VDMA Innovations: Modern Storage and Reclamation In addition to the feeder and conveyor systems offered by its parent Aumund, Schade builds compatible products for the automated storage and reclaim of stockpiled materials. The company was one of the first to offer the chain scraper concept to reclaim coal and other minerals from storage and has since extensively developed this model and in- troduced the circ ular storage concept, which forms the core of many coal-fired power plants, particularly in China with more than 50 units so far commissioned in the country alone. Traditionally, the chain scraper design is limited to reclaim rates of around 2,000 metric tons per hour (mt/h) per boom. The 120-m cir- cular buildings can store 180,000 mt of coal. In China, one unit suffi- ciently handles enough coal for a 600-megawatt power plant receiving seaborne deliveries from small cape size (140,000 dwt) vessels. How- ever, the market is moving onward and upward with ever larger vessels and 2 x 600-MW power plants on a single site now being the norm de- manding two 120-m diameter storage facilities to satisfy coal demand. Recognizing the challenges of such developments, Schade has con- ceived a new twin-boom desi gn with opposing balanced stacker and reclaim booms with a diameter extended to 150 m, and the possibility of storing up to 400,000 mt under a single dome enclosure at handling rates to 6,000 mt/h with both booms running simultaneously. System Simulation for Mining and Processing Equipment Today, maximum safety and reliability of equipment and machinery, while maintaining efficient operation, are essent ial. At the same time, quality requirements, such as high functionality and fail-safe design with as little vibrational behavior and wear as possible, must be met even under growing financial constraints. "These challenges raise many engineering-related questions, which can be answered efficiently by means of system simulation," said Joerg Arloth, sales manager, ITI GmbH. "Such software helps to numeric ally assess various approaches early on in the development process and to check feasibility and po- tential room for improvements before an actual layout." SimulationX developed by ITI, a firm located in Dresden, Germany, is such a simu- lation tool. Mastering the growing complexity of integrated devices and ma- chinery efficiently both during the development and later on during real operation involves increasingly dynamic interactions between many sources, including mechanical, control engineering-related, electronic, electrical, magnetic, hydraulic, pneumatic and thermal systems. "Apart from solving specific simulation tasks, the model- ing approach of such tools is an excellent basis for engineers to broaden their knowledge of system behavior," Arloth said. SimulationX is a comprehensive computer- aided engineering (CAE) solution for modeling, simulating and analyzing physical effects in machines. It provides several simulation and analysis methods, which can be used within one model. They include sim- ulations in the time and frequency domains as well as failure sim- ulations (FTA, FMEA). Further analysis options consist of order analyses and analyses of transfer behavior, spectrums and eigen- fr equencies. "The analysis of eigenfrequencies also includes mode shapes and the corresponding energy distribution in a system, such as powertrains," Arloth said. "This is a possible starting point for optimizing vibrational behavior both from a mechanics point of view, as far as loads, wear, durability, etc., and in terms of energy efficiency with regards to damping, energy conversion efficiency." Simula tionX is used by development and design engineers as a system simulator and an integration platform. The idea behind the solution is to provide a homogeneous and open platform for modeling and simulating mechatronic systems that can be easily integrated into existing development and design environments. Engineers at Tenova TAKRAF, for example, use SimulationX to develop large gear units for bucket-whee l excavators with the goal to optimize the drive system for high performance, Arloth ex- plained. At their Leipzig site, TAKRAF created a simulation model for calculating dynamic behavior and for the virtual commission- ing of a belt conveyor. "Dynamics and efficiency of belt conveyors can thus be optimized accelerating the entire commissioning process," Arloth said. Romonta GmbH uses SimulationX to ana lyze the dynamic vibrational behavior of their bucket-wheel excavator and its cutting boom during operation. Working with SimulationX as a system simulation tool makes analyses and evaluations, un- derstanding, and mastering the complexity of components and their interactions in the entire system much easier. Grinding Coal for Steel Mills Two Loesche coal mills, type LM 26.3 D, are currently being built a t Dniprodzerzhynsk Steel Works in the Ukraine. Paul Wurth S.A., a Loesche client of many years, opted again to select the com- pany's vertical mill technology. This time, it is being used for the injection of coal dust into the blast furnace of the Dniprodz- erzhynsk's Steel Works in the Ukraine. There are already two coal mills in the Ukraine, provided by Loesche GmbH. Both are for the PCI Protects J enakievo and Za- porozh Steel Works. So far, Loesche has sold eight coal mills to clients in the Ukraine. In Russia, three PCI projects are under way for Lipezk, Nizhny Tagil and Novokuznezk, totaling eight Loesche coal mills. All are currently in their construction phase. This means the existing PCI plants in Russia are 100% equipped with Loesche mills—a total of 17 coal mills sold by Loesche for the use in steel plants. For the Dniprodzerzhynsk coal project, two Loesche mills are intended, grinding 70 metric tons per hour (mt/h) of brown coal Schade circular storage and blending bed at Dotternhausen.

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