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CONEXPO-CON/AGG VIP SHOW GUIDE contains Floor Plans and a complete listing of companies exhibiting at the ConExpo-Con/Agg 2014 trade show in Las Vegas March 3-7, 2014. It also contains 2014 forecasts for the Aggregate, Concrete and Cement industries

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2014 VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT | VDMA 69 crushers and the pertinent 90-m conveyor bridge need not be sepa- rated electrically. The three bench belt conveyors transport the overburden to the spreader whose 60-m-long discharge boom allows dumping up to a height of 22 m. Rolling Bearings for Heavy-duty Use Whether for disassembly, loading, or transport, for milling, grading, or refining, Schaeffler, a leader in rolling bearings, supplies the righ t bearings to all the leading manufacturers and operators in mining and raw material processing. Thanks to its Global Technology Net- work (GTN), the company has very rapid turnaround times even when developing individual customer solutions outside of its standard product line that are customized to the operators' requirements and challenges. Along with optimum consulting and services, Schaeffler provide s solutions for practically every application in the mining and raw material processing industries. Its components can be found on haul trucks, crushers, vibrating screens, tunnel boring machines, and bucketwheel excavators. In any of these cases, machine failure can quickly cost the operator vast sums of money. Through intensive research and development pro- grams, INA and FAG rolling bearings ensure high func- tional reliability and performance even for the most extreme demands. The company's ongoing exchange of experience with manufacturers and operators, univer- sities, and research institutes for mining and raw ma- terial processing continues to make new, customer-specific developments and product improve- ments possible. High capacity and reliability with low life-cycle costs for the customer ar e the objective. For bucketwheel shafts, bearings need to absorb high impact loading as well as compensate for shaft deflections and alignment errors. FAG spherical roller bearings have an angular adjustment facility and a high load-carrying capacity. They, therefore, provide the best possible characteristics for this application. The gearboxes for the bucket wheel are mounted di- rectly on the bucket-w heel shaft. Using welded-on flanges, it is only possible to mount split bearings. FAG split cylindrical roller bearings simplify and accelerate bearing replacement, especially in areas that are dif- ficult to access. Many assembly and disassembly steps are eliminated, downtimes are thus reduced consider- ably resulting in correspondingly high cost savings. For one mining customer, Schaeffler also develop ed a cus- tomer-specific solution by using an FAG cylindrical roller bearing with a triple split inner ring. Split bearings are also useful for conveyor systems. FAG spherical roller bearings, which withstand very high loads, are a good choice for the pulleys. The use of split bearings for this application is also particularly interesting from an economic standpoint. The inner ring, outer ring, and the r oller and cage assembly are divided into two halves and held together with screws. The number of work steps required for a bearing re- placement is considerably lower, resulting in shorter downtimes that greatly reduce costs. For the non-driven pulleys, which in conveying sys- tems sometimes have internal bearings, Schaeffler has developed special cylindrical roller bearings. The bear- ings have a parti cularly long operating life and have long relubrication intervals. The ball bearings Schaef- fler offers for idlers in conveying systems are com- pletely maintenance-free. Moreover, bearings from Schaeffler are characterized by their long operating life and require no maintenance since they are lubricated for life. The main bearings of jaw crushers harbor further potential sav- ings. Here, FAG E1 spher ical roller bearings in X-life quality are par- ticularly suitable. These bearings were specially developed for the most extreme loads and are employed everywhere that angular ad- justment is a must. They work reliably, even in the most demanding environmental conditions. X-life quality extends the bearing's nominal operating life, potentially increasing it by up to 70% for the same load—or resulting in the same operating life for a much greater load. At the same time, the lubricant is subjected to a lower level of stress due to the reduced friction and bearing temperature. This results in high system efficiency and reduced operating costs for customers. Moreover, smaller designs are made possible by downsizing. Virtually no bearing in the industrial sector is taxed in as many ways as a vibrating sc reen bearing, according to Schaeffler. The bearing cages, in particular, are subjected to heavy loads due to ra- dial acceleration. In unfavorable cases, axial acceleration may also be superimposed. The rotating imbalance generates a circumferen- tial shaft deflection and additional sliding movements in the bear- ings. This increases friction and thus the operating temperature of VDMA

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