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CONEXPO-CON/AGG VIP SHOW GUIDE contains Floor Plans and a complete listing of companies exhibiting at the ConExpo-Con/Agg 2014 trade show in Las Vegas March 3-7, 2014. It also contains 2014 forecasts for the Aggregate, Concrete and Cement industries

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70 VDMA | 2014 VDMA MINING SUPPLEMENT the bearings. Nonetheless, it is critical to achieve an operating life that is as long as possible. FAG E1 spherical roller bearings in X-life quality are used for support here as well; the bore of the bearings is coated with Duro- tect CK to prevent fretting corrosion. The displacement capacity between the bearing bore and the shaft, which is necessary because of thermal ef- fects, is maintained over the course of a long operating life. Reconditioning rolling bearings and bearing units can save money. This service is one of Schaeffler's core areas of expertise and is offered at several certified locations around the world, where rolling bearings with an outside diameter of up to 4,250 mm are reconditioned and modified. On request, this is even possible for larger bearings—the main bearings of tunnel boring machines, for example. Moreover, Schaeffler's bearing re- conditioning service is independent of the manufacturer. The biggest ad- vantage: The costs arising from reconditioning are considerably lower than those for a new bearing, while the delivery times are mostly short. To explain the importance of its Global Technology Network, Schaef- fler offered a recent case from a copper mining operat ion. A complex con- veyor system at the mine was responsible for transporting crushed ore. The strip mining conveyor transported 150,000 mt/h of ore over a distance of 8 km. The mine was planning to increase the system's throughput by 50%—without making any changes to overall structure, framework, foun- dation or footprint. The key challenge here was finding a bearing that would fit in the existing hous ings, withstand the new, extreme loads, and have an acceptable operating life, all at the same time. In addition, since the existing system was already subject to frequent tensioning/take-up pulley failures, improved bearings and housings had to be developed for those locations as well. After a thorough analysis, the Schaeffler Technology Center in Dan- bury, USA, calculated that upgrading the existing bearings to the new E1 X-life version was the best solution for what was required. The problem was that this version was not yet in production. It was discussed with the relevant production line in Germany and the company arranged for the pro- duction launch to be moved up by more than a year to meet the mine's needs. At the same time, an expert from Schaeffler Canada solved the problem with the take-u p pulleys. He developed a special housing for a larger shaft size and bearing without changing the critical dimensions. So no changes were needed to existing mounts. The new X-life bearings and the special housing allowed the system to increase its capacity by 50% without any large investments for rebuild- ing the existing system being necessary. The problems affecting the take- up pulleys, which led to frequent failures, were eliminated, and greater system availability was assured. Thanks to the local expertise in the Scha- effler Technology Center and networking with experts around the world, it was possible to quickly find the optimum solution for the customer. An FAG split spherical roller bearing. SOME THINK LONG-DISTANCE TRANSPORT IS INFRASTRUCTURE- INTENSIVE. WE THINK DIFFERENT. Transporting materials from remote locations has tradition- ally required signifi cant infrastructure investments in road or rail links, vehicles, personnel and fuel. BEUMER of ers an economical, ef cient and environmental alternative – long-distance overland conveying. This gives you a dedicated, around-the-clock transport link at the fraction of the cost of infrastructure development. The reduced noise and air pollution minimises environmental impact and improves personnel safety. Add to that a high degree of design fl exi- bility and customisation and you can see why overland conveying makes a big dif erence to operational ef ciency and environmental protection. For more information, visit

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